.:: About Me ::.


Howdy Goudy!

My name is Ibrahim bin Ismail.
People call me YEM.
Gonna be 20 at the end of this April.
I'm kinda artistic person.
I love graphic designing and playing instrument.
Sometime i could be funny, talkative, hilarious, temperamental and also fussy.
I may look like a serious and emotionless look a like guy.
Get to know me and im pretty sure you won't believe in your first impression towards me.

No one is incharge of my happiness except me.
What do other people think about me is none of my business.
I never lost hope or give up however good or bad my situation is. Because i believe that it will always change.
No matter how bad i feel, i will always get up, dress up and show up.

I always keep my limits. When i say i can do it, it means i really can do it.
I know my potential very well. So, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME or else u gonna regret it forever.
Have a lot of skill but not the speed.
Lastly, i always thankful to ALLAH and grateful for what I am because I WAS BORN THIS WAY

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