For This second project, we were required to design a frame for a view of a 3m X 3m X 3m sizes room.

Most of my design process were then digitalize by me by using Adobe Photoshop.
It was just to make the process of making the model a lot more easier.
So that the scale and design would not be change by an accidence each time I draw it.

I also run a test on human logical scale, so that I will know how will it be look in real life.

Later then, I added a little Fauna and more floral element to the design.
Furthermore, I also added frame on both of the room side.

these are the fragment, object and form that i have selected to be composed on the canvas.

Besides, I also have to run a test on the art movement that i have studied before to find what suites me the best.

Fragment : Traditional Wood carving

Object : Malay traditional Headdress

Form : Traditional Weapon, Canon

After that, I also had made some colour test onto the character.

Then, I varies the colour by using Adobe Photoshop. So that it is easy to decide what colour will be look great for the character.

Finally, this is the planned final composition to be on the real painting on the canvas.

Howdy Goudy!

Welcome to the World of Dreemo Breemo Art.
I decided to share some of my masterpiece in this site.
First of all, don't get me wrong. I created this website not for showing off or any things that sounds like it.. This website was created as my part time hobby and for the purpose of inspiration and idea to anyone who like.

Besides, I like to keep less words in every single post. Because it is not the way I am.
lastly, don't forget to leave your comment on what do you think of my masterpiece and take care.